Celebrated presenters and NWEA partners Meredith Ross, PhD and Athena Matherly reveal how a network of 77 schools across 7 states moved from traditional benchmarks to NWEA MAP assessments—and how you can, too.

  1. Learn how to differentiate characteristics of fixed and growth mindsets.
  2. Discover how each mindset relates to annual growth and catch-up growth.
  3. Identify and implement key strategies for managing the proficiency-growth transition in your building(s).

Don’t miss your chance to discover new ways to help leaders, teachers and students shift from a proficiency to a growth mindset.

Senior Manager of Data Analysis, Charter Schools USA

Dr. Meredith Ross has worked for Charter Schools USA, a national education service provider, since 2012. She currently oversees student performance on both internal and state-mandated assessments as well as monitors formal state and federal accountability performance frameworks for a network of 85 Charter Schools in 7 states. She is also involved in CSUSA business operations, specifically teacher performance evaluations, strategic planning and business development projects in addition to providing regular updates on student performance and school accountability to CSUSA’s various stakeholders nationwide. Meredith is also a member of the National Taskforce on Assessment Education, a group whose advocacy work is supported by NWEA.

Senior Manager – Innovations, Charter Schools USA

Athena Matherly has worked for Charter Schools USA, a national education service provider, since 2012. In her current position Athena oversees the School Innovations team, responsible for researching and vetting all supplemental programs (including hardware, software, websites, teacher/students resources, etc.) used within a network of 85 Charter Schools in 7 states. With the help of her team, she is also involved in supporting CSUSA schools with integration of instructional programs, professional development, assessment creation, and technology integration in the classroom.

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BEST OF FUSION: Transitioning from a Proficiency to a Growth Mindset