Considerations for student goal setting

Get a basic introduction to NWEA linking studies, norms, and their associated terms. You will learn how to use the information from our linking studies to set student growth goals that are aligned to objective criteria, such as college readiness or state proficiency standards, while using NWEA growth norms to ensure these goals are realistic for students.

What is the relationship between student absences & achievement/growth

In this section, we examine how prior-year absences relate to achievement and growth outcomes in subsequent years. Our research examines if chronically absent students start the following school year at a significantly lower achievement level compared to non-chronically absent students, and if those chronically absent students show differentially greater rates of summer learning loss compared to their non-chronically absent peers. We also look at the standard definition of “chronic absenteeism,” discuss whether this is too conservative and explore the implications of these findings are on school policy and practice.

Webinar length: 60 minutes

Registration closes April 4th.