Webinar with Dylan Wiliam | Available anytime on-demand

Practical Techniques for Implementing
Formative Assessment

Prepare to improve teacher effectiveness
and student learning immediately.

Teachers can’t predict what students will learn. But they can use formative assessment to gather evidence of learning in the moment—and use this insight to adapt instruction. Experience the webinar that tells you how.

You will learn from Dylan Wiliam, co-author of Inside the Black Box, about the foundation of formative assessment practice and how it can be used to immediately improve teacher effectiveness and student learning.

Gain critical, tactical information about formative assessment in just one hour:

  • Understand how formative assessment is used to gain the best possible evidence of student learning.
  • Learn the five key strategies of formative assessment and how they can transform instruction.
  • Discover dozens of techniques for perceiving student learning in the classroom.
Experience this webinar to get the practical knowledge you need to put
formative assessment into practice.
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