The most important question to ask when evaluating your assessment system is this: is it serving the people it needs to? Whether it’s your school board, your teachers, or—most importantly—your students, it takes multiple measures to support the needs of every educator and student.

Our latest comprehensive guide, Multiple Measures Done Right: The 7 Principles of Coherent Assessment Systems, explores seven principles that NWEA researchers developed to help you build a coherent assessment system that’s right for your schools. You’ll learn how to:

 regain control of your schools’ assessment     systems

 serve the needs of multiple stakeholders     with accurate and actionable data

 improve educational equity for all students

 apply each principle and use it to meet your     goals

 create an assessment system that puts     students first

Read the comprehensive guide now for real-life examples and hands-on action steps that will help you put these seven principles into practice immediately—so you can start making a direct impact on your schools.