Why you should watch

Learn more about the impact poverty has on school performance, both achievement and growth.

Who should watch

  • District leaders
  • School leaders

What you will learn

  • The implications of using student achievement and growth to evaluate schools
  • What “high growth for all” might look like for your school or district
Dr. Andy Hegedus
Research Consulting Director, NWEA
Portland, OR

Dr. Andy Hegedus, Research Consulting Director with NWEA, manages research projects focused on understanding the drivers for growth in schools with differing levels of challenges. His interests include working with education system leadership to use data and evidence wisely, to build their capacity, and to improve their system’s performance as a result. Andy is also a Broad Superintendents Academy Fellow and holds an EdD in Education Leadership from the University of Delaware.
Jessica McFeron
Senior Product Marketing Manager, NWEA, Portland, OR

Jessica McFeron is responsible for understanding and representing partner needs. She is passionate about education and committed to making sure educators have the information they need to make instructional decisions.

On-Demand Webinar: The relationships between poverty and school performance