Why you should watch

In this webinar—a version of their highly-rated session from Fusion 2018—presenters Jamila MacArthur and Jean Potter detail how to identify and select specific reports for each testing season. You’ll also learn how to improve data-literacy among your staff by developing purposeful professional development action plans and calendars.

Who should watch

  • School leaders
  • District leaders

What you will learn

  • How to identify and select MAP® Growth™ reports that are most helpful to teachers and administrators for each testing cycle
  • How to use resources for students, teachers, and parents to increase buy-in of MAP Growth
  • How to deepen understanding of MAP Growth reports by creating your own professional development calendar
  • How to review and analyze suggested Professional Development calendar with topics for teachers to examine data and create their own action plans.

Watch and share the webinar today—and discover how your school or district can make the most of MAP Growth reports and purposeful PD.

Jamila and Jean delivered a version of this highly-rated presentation at Fusion 2018 in Portland, Oregon.

Jamila MacArthur
Oklahoma Public School Resource Center
Oklahoma City, OK

Jamila MacArthur is a former teacher, administrator, academic coach, and Chief Academic Officer. She is currently Director of Teaching & Learning for OPSRC. In this role she works to expand quality professional development opportunities for educators in public schools.

Jean Potter
Oklahoma Public School Resource Center
Oklahoma City, OK

Jean Potter has worked in public education for over 20 years as a teaching assistant, teacher, and instructional technology facilitator. She is currently on the Teaching and Learning team for OPSRC where she supports educators in the area of professional development and digital services.

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