Thank you for your interest

We have been diligently monitoring developments of the coronavirus (COVID-19). The situation has developed rapidly in communities around the world and we believe it’s an important time for us all to focus on slowing and containing the spread of the virus. To this end, we’ve postponed our webinar on student test engagement. When we have a new date for the event, we’ll ensure you have the information necessary to attend if you register.

Why you should attend

Using a high-quality assessment is a great first step for helping your students grow, but it’s not enough. When students rush during a test, the results often underestimate their abilities.

In this webinar, NWEA® researchers Drs. Nate Jensen and Steven Wise will discuss the relationships between test engagement and performance and share the features and capabilities we’ve developed to monitor and improve test engagement.

Who should attend

  • Teachers
  • School leaders
  • District leaders
  • Policymakers

What you will learn

  • What test engagement is, factors that influence disengagement, and how disengagement is measured
  • How disengagement, including rapid guessing, can influence student scores—and why it matters for teachers as well as building and district administrators
  • What NWEA is doing to monitor and improve student test engagement

If you’re unable to attend the live event, please register to receive a link to the recording.

Dr. Nate Jensen
Director, Center for School and Student Progress, NWEA
Portland, OR

Nate Jensen has provided consultation and support to teachers, school leaders, and policymakers across the country to help establish best practices around the uses of student achievement and growth data. In his role, he engages directly with school systems to influence educational practices and policies that promote student success.
Dr. Steven Wise
Senior Research Fellow, Collaborative for Student Growth, NWEA
Portland, OR

Steven Wise has published extensively in applied measurement, with particular emphases in computer-based testing and the psychology of test taking. His research has focused primarily on practical methods for effectively dealing with the measurement problems posed by low examinee engagement on achievement tests.

What happens when test takers disengage?