Why you should watch

Assess an entire class of early leaders in just 20 minutes? Yes, it’s possible.

Spend less time screening and more time teaching with MAP® Reading Fluency™—a new approach to reading assessment that provides a more complete picture of early literacy. With instructionally useful insights and tools to help differentiate learning, you’ll have the insights you need to support every student. All in about 20 minutes—Seriously.

Who should watch

  • School leaders
  • District leaders
  • Teacher leaders

What you will learn

  • How NWEA® developed MAP Reading Fluency to provide a valid screening measure that provides quick, objective results and actionable data for all readers
  • How this adaptive, online test supports students at various levels, from pre-readers to early readers to fluent readers
  • How you can use the assessment to meet students where they are and help each one improve their reading skills

Watch and share the webinar today—and discover how your school or district can benefit from this new approach to early literacy assessment.

Dr. Lynne Kulich
Senior Account Executive for Early Learning Solutions, NWEA
Canton, OH

Dr. Lynne Kulich is a senior account executive for early learning solutions with NWEA®. Prior to joining NWEA, Lynne worked as a professor, teacher, data coach, and curriculum and instruction director. She holds a doctoral degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a master’s degree in Elementary Education and a bachelor’s degree in Foreign Language Education. Lynne is excited to connect with fellow educators and share her passion for early childhood literacy.

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On-Demand Webinar: A Better Way to Assess Early Readers: Discover MAP Reading Fluency